Welcome Marketing Friends

Welcome friends. My name is Margie and I am venturing into the world of Digital Communication Media, otherwise called emerging media. As I traverse through my learning pathway, I invite you to provide me with ideas and comments. I am particularly interested in how others have been involved with Digital Communication media and how it impacts daily lives.

First, I would like to introduce the topic of Digital Communication Media (DCM). Marketing professionals have begun to implement campaigns utilizing technology that interacts with prospective consumers, you. Technologies that are currently being used are social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and widgets. Others include but are certainly not being limited to smartphone apps, podcast, blogs, banner ads, and of course Web sites.

Digital Communication Media allows companies to interact and communicate with consumers regularly with opportunities to develop conversation. Todays consumers are highly linked with tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Companies can send a message to a customer through their GPS or smartphone as they drive by their store to offer a discount or to simply advertise. Personally, I am always comparing prices while I am in a store or looking up addresses of other places that may offer what I need on my smartphone. The technology available today for companies to use to reach their target market has advantages and disadvantages. Some feel that it is beginning to bombard people with too much distraction while other feel that it is just the wave of the future and a wonderful way for companies to communicate at a personal level.

As you follow my blog, I will be discussing the ethics of DCM, new innovative concepts, how DCM enhances the bottom line and what techniques have been most affective. Again I invite you to provide comments and ideas as I am new at emerging media and I am humble to those that have more experience.



One thought on “Welcome Marketing Friends

  1. I think its crazy how advanced technology is these days and its only going to advance in the future. I agree that it can either be a distraction or a great, fast, convenient way to keep in contact. Overall I believe with each new change the people go with the flow and change as well!!

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