Go ahead and Tweet me with it!

What’s the deal with Twitter? I know that it has great opportunities for businesses and people to communicate immediate information, but is the information really that immediate? This week I did a lot of researching about Twitter and how a company can use Twitter to enhance their marketing reach. But how many of us really use Twitter? Twitter has grown by 700% in the past two years and one billion Tweets every three days!! Twitter is also the most popular platform for Fortune 100 companies.

So that means someone is using it.

Companies are using Twitter to communicate to those that choose to receive their information, a marketing trend called opt-in which is usually associated with e-mails. Being that customers have to choose to receive the messages and ‘Follow’ the company or person, there is a higher chance of customers actually reading the information because it is relevant to them. This is why I think that Twitter is so popular with companies. Below is part of an article, Why Opt-in Marketing Matters.


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