If I’m not happy I will tell the WORLD! The role of social media in customer relations

It seems that almost everybody has a Youtube video, Facebook page, a blog or a Twitter account. Some Imagehave all of them while others have none. Social media allows each of us to say what we want whether it be about our love for Britney Spears or the aggravation with our pretentious daughter. But when we are upset we seem to want to voice our experience and let others know our story like the angry dad (explicit language warning) shooting the computer or the confused young man defending Britney Spears (Leave Britney Alone, explicit language warning), or like the angry Comcast customer. Think of this, the angry dad had 34,629,330 views, the Britney boy had 44,517,042 views and just one Comcast complaint had 7,262 but trust me there are more than one. Lets pretend your thinking about getting Comcast so you are interested in customer reviews. You go to Youtube, or search customer reviews online and there are loads of angry customers. This is just an example of how important customer relations is today.


Companies are taking proactive actions to care for customers, sometimes its what they market the most which is a wise strategy. According to a study mention in a Forbes article, 90% of customers trust peer reviews and 70% trust online reviews. Pamela Vaughan cited a study in her blog that “75% of marketers using social media identify customer service as a primary use of their social media platform”.  Brian Solis, a new media publisher stated in his online article “Customer Service is the New, New Marketing”,

Social Media is rooted in conversations between people and peers, regardless of the technology that facilitates them, and everyday they take place across blogs, networks, forums, micromedia, and online groups. And, each day, with every new community and social tool that is introduced, brands, products and services are actively discussed, supported, and disassembled. Some companies are listening, while many aren’t even paying attention. 

Perhaps after listening to customer complaints as Solis explained, Comcast produced this commercial:


One thought on “If I’m not happy I will tell the WORLD! The role of social media in customer relations

  1. Margie,
    It’s so true how social media has given us all a voice whether that’s good or bad, depends on the content. I think it’s interesting how so many people have created social media accounts to hide behind – whether it’s to rant about poor customer service or to pretend to be someone they are not, or to create positive reviews for their own books and products. One of the most interesting of these to me was a recent story in The New York Times concerning authors paying for book reviews. Fascinating how technology is changing the world. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/08/26/business/book-reviewers-for-hire-meet-a-demand-for-online-raves.html?pagewanted=all
    ~ Joyce

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