Why are we so STRESSED OUT! The techno-stress syndrome.

One of my greatest concerns is the amount of media, emerging and otherwise, that we are subjected to. Are we becoming so immersed in technology that we don’t take the time to listen to silence? It’s no wonder that we are stressed. We get messages while running errands; we use our tablets and laptops while the kids play at the park. Work, play, and work some more. According to the Digital Stress and Your Brain infographic, daily media exposure has increased from 5 hours in 1960 to 12 hours in 2012.  The infographic also illistrates that adults “change task more than once every two minutes”.

Because adults are expected to do so much in a short time either from work or at home they are multitasking, pushing their minds to the point of a break down. People that are in constant contact through email have higher heart rates and remain in a state of ‘high alert’, according to an US Army study. We use emerging media to make life better, so we think. I know that my smartphone is always ringing or notifying me of an email or a text message. At this moment I have four tabs open online and the television on. I am exposed to pop ups, online banners , email and television advertisements.

According to the infographic, all of this information that constantly surrounds us causes medical issues most notably memory loss and lack of concentration. The article discussing the issue stated that “In one study, 30% of those under 45 said smartphones, cellphones and computers make it harder to focus.” Perhaps this led the way to the work place breakdowns on the following YouTube video that I found.